kelli + elliott // married!

June 25, 2010

Prepare yourself: this will be a MONSTER post.

Kelli and Elliot infused their Jewish and Hawaiian roots into a blessed matrimony that we will not forget soon. Despite the ominous rain and thunder (which held off until LITERALLY the minute we were done with picture-taking and started walking inside) and the wind (which almost successfully knocked over the Chuppah), the wedding was a smash success.

Special details included the gorgeous handmade-from-paper-and-glass-bottles centerpieces and the special order Chucks for the entire wedding party, stitched with Kelli and Elliott’s initials and wedding date.

And, holy cow, Kelli’s ink. We might have gone a little overboard with photographing that. (Can you tell we are a little obsessed with tattoos?)

And the hula dance that was one of Kelli’s special gifts to her groom brought tears to everyone’s eyes, not just to Elliott’s.

We had an absolute blast with you guys. “Kelliott”, we wish you all the best!


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