kylie + chad // married!

July 29, 2010

Apparently, I (Amanda) have no self-control when it comes to choosing how many photos to blog. As you will see below, there are over 50 pics of Kylie and Chad’s big day. It was an amazing day, to say the least.

Kylie made us feel very welcome and part of the family immediately with her thoughtful questions and comments. She totally kept her cool even when a rain-shower threatened our portrait session downtown. The ceremony had us all in tears as Kylie and Chad read their own hand-written vows which detailed how grateful they are to Christ for bringing them together.

These two sprung for a Mexican theme complete with sombreros, personalized bottles of hot sauce, and a nacho bar, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Kylie picked pink and orange as her colors, which oddly ended up complimenting each other quite well.

And don’t even get me started about that dress! Incredible.

Thanks you guys for allowing us to spend the day with you!

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2 Responses to “kylie + chad // married!”

  1. Bridget Says:

    OMG I LOVE these pictures. What a gorgeous couple! I cannot wait until our wedding, you two are going to do an amazing job! You don’t by chance know where the bride got her dress do you? LOVE IT!!!

  2. thechaosandconfusion Says:

    Hi Bridget, I think I remember seeing a David’s Bridal bag, but we would have to check with her to be sure. I agree, it was amazing. Definitely one of my favorites that I’ve seen 🙂

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