emily + cris // married!

October 7, 2010

This is a post I (Amanda) have been looking forward to for a while (as evidenced by the sheer size of this post).

Cris and Emily were our very first engagement shoot, although I don’t think they knew it at the time. They took a chance on us, and we SO enjoyed getting to know them.

Their wedding took place in Indy (our first ‘destination’ wedding!), at the Mavris. Absolutely stunning venue, but not nearly as stunning as the bride. I watched as Emily repeatedly showed her affection in ways we had never observed from a bride before.

For example, holding her mom’s hand when putting her dress on, grasping Cris’ arm as he put her ring on, praying right before walking down the aisle, giving her bouquet directly to her new step-daughter, Madison, and having a brief, but emotional talk with each of her bridesmaids about how special each one of them was (reminded me of the good-bye conversations Rachel had on Friends. You know what I’m talking about.)

And Cris was the ultimate gentleman.

We absolutely LOVED spending this day with you guys, and, in Emily’s words, we can’t wait to document the first bambino!

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