monica + ron // married!

December 21, 2010

When our dear friends, Ron and Monica, informed us that they were planning on eloping to Hawaii or maybe Napa Valley, and then throwing a big bash for all their friends and family when they got back in town, we were disappointed.

But then they let us in on a very privileged secret: there would be no elopement. That was a made-up story. The big bash for their loved ones? Would turn out to be the actual wedding.

We watched as all the guests (even Ron’s own mother and sister!) arrived, suspecting nothing. Monica was not to be found. “Where is she? Oh, she must have gotten a little lost,” was Ron’s reply. Once all the guests assembled, Ron grabs the microphone, and announces, “Thanks for coming, Monica’s finally made it. Honey?…….”

Everyone turns in the direction of his glance to see Monica. In a white dress.

Goosebumps. Followed by screams.

The night concluded with yummy sangria, homemade thai food, and lots of dazzling personalities.

And of course, we rocked it out on the dance floor.

Ron and Sopa: we love you guys, and are so thrilled to see your happiness. We wish you nothing but the best and expect an invitation back to the ‘City View Cafe’ once you’re settled in. Now we know you’re not supposed to actually ingest the peppers (smile).

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